A peek at the Panteón San José del Cabo

The cemetery near the beach and estuary is hidden behind a wall and tall grasses. A glimpse is all you can catch while passing by. Always fascinated by the history of a place, I decided to explore a little further during our stay in SJD in January 2019 and wandered in one morning with our friends who were also visiting.

As you'd expect, it's a quiet place and beautifully kept by a dedicated crew. What I didn't expect was just how vibrant and alive with colour some of the memorials are.  The cemetery is a place of contrasts:  crypts that date back to the 18th century lie crumbling beside modern "homes" of the afterlife; the pride in well tended gravesite gardens offset dusty patches of sand and weeds; the bleached condos on the overlooking hill hover over the site.

Untitled photo
Modern "homes" for the afterlife.

Modern "homes" for the afterlife.

I didn't take a lot of photographs, preferring instead to wander and enjoy the quiet. Just on the other side of the surrounding wall is the Hotel Zone (Zona Hotelaria) and it's nice to escape for a while. 

A place of contrast

  • Lost life marked with a simple cross.

  • Painted scenes of a past life.

  • Crumbling crypts of the 18th century.

  • Pristine marble memorials.

  • A simple grave, lovingly hand crafted.

  • Life remembered in a work of art.

  • Devestation, mourning the loss of a day-old child.

  • Celebration, lives remembered in art and colour.

  • Long forgotten.

  • Remembered at Christmas. Feliz Navidad.

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